Your Personal Dating

All of our clients are matched with their very own Personal Dating Concierge, or “PDC”

Your PDC will be responsible for every aspect of your dating life, including writing your
profiles, getting your photos ranked and finding qualified matches for you. They are in your
corner from beginning to end.

Let Us Be The Experts...

It is very difficult to make a personal connection with someone through text. We have seen the most
charismatic and charming people get reduced to a simple “Hey, how’s your day?” when it comes to
texting on dating apps.

A message like this will not get you any attention online, it’s simply too boring.
This is why at PDC, we have data-tested our jokes, messaging styles and conversations so that we
stand out from the crowd and get the attention of the highest-quality matches.
We know you’ll bring your personality and charm to a real date but let us convey that same charm
through text – where it’s so difficult to do!

Here's some more info about PDC: