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Your time is much too valuable to spend it on dating apps. Let us get you better results.

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Our clients go out with higher-quality matches and experience the fun of meeting new people face-to-face. All dates are booked around your schedule and at the frequency you prefer.

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Reaching out to PDC was the best decision I ever made. I had been divorced for three years and hated dating online. After about 5 months of working with PDC, they introduced me to my beautiful and intelligent girlfriend and couldn’t be happier!

Eli Goldsmith, Miami FL

Before I started with PDC, I was spending countless hours on dating apps and getting nowhere. As an attorney trying to make partner, it’s just not something I had time for. Once I realized they handle all of that for me, I signed up instantly. After about three weeks, I was going on 2 or 3 quality dates every week! I would recommend PDC to all my friends.

Michelle Phillips, NYC

As soon as we went live with my new photos and profile, I knew this was going to work. My PDC was matching me with more attractive women than I had ever matched with, and they were even responding to the messages! I met my girlfriend after working with PDC for 3 months and am extremely satisfied with the service.

Andrew Cortez, Boston MA

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